Friday, November 23, 2012

Daisy's - 3rd meeting - Lupe Meeting (#1)

  • Lupe story
  • music (we used an ipod and speakers)
  • games - we brought Headbands and S'match - the girls voted on headbands only
  • drawing supplies
  • Promise Center patches

Pre-Meeting  - Open drawing time – leave all art supplies and drawings waiting for the end of meeting and goodbye time / waiting for parents.
9:30 a    Pledge of Allegiance
9:35a     Hello my name is… introduce new faces and remind them of our names
9:35a     Girl Scout Promise --- if they all can do it – then they get the promise circle patch  – recite as a group without a leaders help.
9:40        Lupe Story with discussion and questions from the booklet
9:55        Play games fair and honest --- we played Headbands, Duck Duck Goose, and Musical Chairs
10:30     Clean up
10:40     Friendship circle / Make New Friends
10:45     Good bye
Post meeting activity- completed their drawings they worked on earlier. 

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