Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Daisy's 2nd meeting - Girl Scout Promise / Introduction Meeting

  • puzzles - a couple small and one large floor puzzle
  • name tag kit
  • coloring - crayons / markers / etc
  • stickers
Pre-meeting activity - small / medium puzzles - the girls could work on them by themselves or together - in the end they all chose to work on one puzzle together on their own.

9:30  Pledge of Allegence
9:35 - "Hello My Name is" - we each shared our name, our favorite kind of ice cream, what school we went to and what grade we are in
9:45 - Talk about meetings - what the girls think we should do and not do at meetings "the rules" as written by the members - we also discussed the quite sign for meetings
10:00 - name tag craft - we each decorated a small name tag with our name in puffy sticker letters, various stickers and drawings - you would be surprised what young ladies can fit on a small business card size piece of card stock.

10:15 - we discussed the Girl Scout Promise and sign - I had printed the Girl Scout Promise from this website - and placed it on green card stock - each girl received a logo and placed it in the back of their name tag pouch - that way they could take it home and practice reciting the promise.
10:30 - clean up
10:40 - Friendship Circle and Make New Friends (this video helped me get a great visual on how this should work)
10:45 - Good bye
Post meeting activity was the giant floor puzzle - all the girls started working on certain sections and in the end completed the puzzle as a whole and were very excited to show their moms when they arrived to pick them up.

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