Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daisy Leader

I haven't share this information here yet - but I am now a Daisy Girl Scout leader for five young ladies.  The troop consists right now of three kindergarteners and two first graders whom are all first year Girl Scouts.

We are four weeks into the season and so far we have had fun and definitely made new friends. 

I have been searching the internet and Pinterest constantly for Girl Scout ideas / recommendations / tips etc... and there seems to be Lots of information out there but also not the information I want sometimes...  (if you have any recommendations please don't hesitate to comment below!!!!)

I figured I would share the first few meeting plans our troop has enjoyed in case any other new leaders pass and can use what we have done...

1st meeting - Parent Meeting

  • We set up the girls at a table with lots of coloring and drawing supplies - while I spoke with the parents we asked the girls to draw a picture of something they want to do this year as a Daisy.
  • The girls were now focused with creating and the moms and I were free to talk.  We did leave one adult to hang with the girls at the table and try to keep them talking together so that moms could discuss uninterupted.  We discussed the following topics
    • my contact information - it was on the top of the sheet so they could all take it home.
    • Is email an approved way to communicate with families?  I would like to send a troop summary each week.  What is the best way to communicate immediate information to your family? 
    • What are you hoping the girls get out of this year?
    • Uniform details - what each girl will need this year
    •  Dues – dues will be used to purchase all craft supplies and patches that are earned thru out the year.  Proposing $5 a month – with first $15 for Nov , Dec and Jan due this month and then $20 in February, covering Feb – May  --- Cookie money will come in late spring and help troop after that
    • Proposed calendar – how do families want to handle vacation dates?  Special dates? etc
    • First full meeting will discuss the Girl Scout Promise and go over what it means to be a girl scout – homework – to practice the Girl Scout Promise – when they can recite it on their own – they will earn the promise center of their flower.
    •  Proposing to work on a petal for two meetings and then moving on to the next one. (will test run soon.) – along with reciting the Girl Scout Promise and  Law at each meeting and various craft / creating projects
    • Would like to plan a few field trips over the year – close to home – and built into the petals we are earning at the time – library, bakery, grocery store??? Ideas to come soon. Please share any ideas. 
    •  Would the girls like to attend a fun event or two? See the proposed events from GSRI (additional $$)
    • Cookie Sales start in January – is everyone ok with selling cookies? We need permission slips to sell – this will also work with earning a leaf or two
    • Any ideas / comments / suggestions?
  • The moms were asked to also complete the attached information sheet so that the troop had complete information on the members.
  • In the end the meeting was shorter because it was just chatting - but the Daisy's had fun chatting up about their schools and what they were drawing... and the moms were able to get to know each other a little bit also.
In the end the girls wanted to do the following this year:
  • sell cookies - YEAH!
  • make leaf rubbings
  • go camping in a tent
  • slide down a rainbow???  - any ideas on how to make this happen?

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