Sunday, October 21, 2012

Need some hands on assitance

So who out there wants to help me take my oldest daughters closet and go from the messy photos in the left to the amazing photos on the right???

Organizing clothes is not a strong point of mine.  Esp, when we have been blessed with family who gives us amazing hand me downs some a few sizes a head of the current day size.

Add to the fact that with winter coming - I would love to have a place where the girls could play house / school in their rooms - so I thought why not convert half of the walk in closet into a play area with a window looking out into the room.  She would still have ample room to store clothes for the current season - and it might force me to organize and control the clothing explosion that happens behind closed doors

So here is my dream wish - to get all the current clothes that she wears neat, orgainzed and hung up properly... pack away off season items and too small / too big items.  put all the clothes on the left side of the closet - take the right side of the closet and cut a window to the bedroom and frame it up neat and clean.  put long benches that can hold crates at the bottom of the closet so that the kids can sit near the window but still keep shoes etc in their own place and VIOLA - we have a dual purpose closet / playhouse.

Great idea - but to find the handyman to do it - and the clothing organizer to help me get control... any volunteers???? HAHA.

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