Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Creative Photos ---

I was under the self indulgent thought that we are creative family... We have created our own rocket ship for Buzz... We have created art work through out the house... but....

Some mom’s are way more creative than I am (was)…

Take for example nap time photos ---

When Abbie was little and took daily naps – I would take photos that look like this:

Then there is Mila's mom… at milas daydreams you HAVE to visit her website and see these photos - they are awesome!

Too precious –

Have you taken any "staged" photos of your kids??? Share a link with us to show them off :)

Thanks to Design Mom for the link!


  1. Someone posted a link to her blog on Facebook - amazing pictures - wish i had that creativity in my pinky!!!

  2. Those staged pics were so adorable. I wish i was half that creative when my kids were babies!