Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello and Welcome...

Hello and welcome to our little space on the internet… Thanks for stopping by and checking in… We hope you visit often…

Let me start with introducing myself… My name is Laura. I am a full time working mom to DD - Abbie (age 3) and wife (DH - John). I grew up in Warwick, RI thru high school – left for Rochester, NY for college (RIT) and returned home after graduation. I started working at the radio station right after college and I haven’t left after 10 + years. Now, the staff here is my second family.

But instead of telling you about my work family, let me introduce you to my family at home.

John and I met at the radio station. We have been married for 6 years this past May. He is my best friend. He is also huge sports fan (Red Sox, Celtics, and the Patriots of course). If you want to visit him - you are welcome to stop at The Crowe's Nest and check out his lastest take on sports.

Abigail (Abbie)…
She is a three year old little girl who loves music, dancing, playing all kind of instruments (drums, guitars, keyboard, etc) and singing songs (some made up and some we all know) and CHOCOLATE MILK! There has to be chocolate milk with every meal - and a glass of chocolate milk as soon as she wakes up in the morning. (She only drinks chocolate milk or water... doesn't like anything else... I guess every kid has some food challenge for their parents.) Right now she says her best friend is Woody from Toy Story. She loves Spongebob and anything on “Noggin” (aka Nickelodeon Jr.).

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