Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cheap place to rent movies

Abbie was asking to watch "Chocolate Factory" (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) for over a week... We don't own the movie and I did not want to buy it... and it was no where to be found on cable... we have over 500+ channels and no one had it - REALLY!?!

I assumed it would be a short run of watching it over and over again for three days and then on to the next request. So what to do... go to the library of course. (It isn't just books people!)

We looked up the online "card catalog" of the RI libraries to see what location might have "chocolate factory" and there it was availble in Warwick at the Apponoag Branch. Soa short ride later - a free one week movie rental - an adventure to a new library for us - and a happy little girl who got to see "Chocolate Factory"!

Two days later - there is John waking Abbie up from a bad dream where she was stuck in an elevator - yelling "let me out, let me out" - while someone else was stuck in a tube. YUP - bad dreams I am atributing to "Chocolate Factory."

So who needs Blockbuster, Red Box, Netflix, or PPV --- when you can rent movies for free... just remember to either have patience (if you want the movies to be deleiver to your local library branch) or drive across the state to pick it up :) *Note you can return the dvd to any local library and they will ship it back to its' home.*

Might not be a bad idea to be sure the movies won't give the kids bad dreams either.

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