Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year… Welcome to 2012.

Our family had a great New Years weekend. A three day weekend is always fun but this time it was a lot of family time (just the four of us), and we don’t get a lot of that time.

We started out on New Years Eve afternoon with a stop at Friendly’s for their 12 scoop sundae! It was only $5 between 4-8pm – so a great bargain and a great dinner treat to celebrate the end of a good year.
6 scoops of chocolate & 6 of vanilla w hot fudge
DD1 - Digging In

Playing with our Food (french fries)

The Aftermath.  It was enjoyed by all.
From there we ventured to Nana and Grandpa’s for fun time with our cousins and our first time playing FARKLE.

Then it was back home early so the girls could get tucked into bed and we could watch Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper turn 10 shades of pink over one hour.

New Years Day we went to 9am mass – which was great b/c it was like everyone else slept in late. There were only 12 kids that went downstairs for kids mass. And to end mass Father Joe turned around wearing blinking 2012 glasses. I do love attending a church where the priest can be fun loving and funny even during mass.

From there it was off to Dunkin Donuts for a treat for each of us, then home to get ready for everyone’s special day. DD1 was going to be seeing Disney on Ice with her cousin Brooklyn. DD2 and Papa were going to spend a papa and me day watching football at Nana’s and Mama… well Mama had some plans…

While everyone else was out of the house I started upstairs and worked my way down.

• Laundry: Finished all the laundry that was waiting to be done. (of course there is already a full load for today – how do four people go thru so much laundry in 24 hours???)

• The girls rooms: stuffed animals placed in make shift toy boxes, clothes put away, beds made, diapers taken out of their boxes, everything neat and clean. (Maybe a little dusting too).
• Our Room: All clothes put away. I tried the idea (found on pinterest) of turning my hangers around the wrong way so that when I pull something out the hangers gets turned back the right way.
Source: via Gayle on Pinterest

After a while I will pull out all the items I haven’t worn (hangers still backwards) and purge from my closet. I can’t keep what I don’t wear just in case someday I do wear it. We don’t have a lot of closet space between my DH and I.

• Living Room: vacuumed, finished organizes toys and got our living room back to a living space not just a toy and Christmas space.

• Kitchen: started processing 10 pounds of chicken (see menu plan in a following post), started sorting coupons and recipes (I want to get better at that – see the goals in a future post.)

• Bathroom: Pulled all the towels out and refolded them – what a difference that made, sorter and cleaned out some old first aid items and placed in the First Aid Kit, cleaned out expired items, etc.  

All the time dancing around the house to music I like – LOUDLY – and no one asking me to stop so I can play, no one needing a diaper change, etc. I was amazing how productive I was. If you can ever get a chance, request a ME day… I know for many a ME day means a pedicure (LOVE them), or a shopping trip w/o pushing a stroller. Don’t get me wrong – I love those ME days too. But a IN-House ME day is always a great feeling. I feel like I accomplished so much – I took the whole family for a tour of the house afterwards to see how everything looked. :-)

How did you spend New Years Weekend?  

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