Saturday, October 29, 2011

Playtime with Painters tape

I have lots of mommy and me time with the two girls lately. So trying to find different ideas on what to do are now my hot topic. So when I saw the idea on pinterest to use tape on the furniture we had to try it. We taped roads on the couch and the floor, added a fire station, a "zoo", an airport, a house, treehouse, and a bakery... "Welcome to Abbieville". Abbie had a blast for a while and then we removed the houses and such... And suddenly our town was now a maze for each of us to maneuver... She still won't let me remove the tape... And while I was at work papa and her made the maze larger... I will give it one more day... Monday = new week / new tape / clean couch... So with winter coming I advise all mommies to grab painters tape and get ready... Cheap fun for hours of entertainment.

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