Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal planning Monday

Happy Halloween to you!

I hope all the little ghosts and ghouls have a fun night tonight. Abbie is all excited to trick or treat as a princess tonight.

So last weeks meal plan worked for the start of the week... But by the end fizzled bc we didn't feel like cooking and bc we had such leftover it was a fend for yourself couple of days... This week we need to plan a little better... So far we have this:

* Monday: Abbie requested Spaghettio's - we compromised and planned pasta and meatballs... works for me something easy for Halloween night
* Tuesday: Cars 2 shaped Chix nuggets with potatoes and veggies
* Wednesday: If it is Wednesday then it is Breakfast :) this week - eggs, bacon and toast (Bacon is BOGO at Stop and Shop :) so one for this week and one in the freezer for later)
* Thursday: Baked Chix w stuffing, veggie, etc
* Friday: MYOP make you own pizza with Roger English muffins or bobolis
* Saturday: Family dinner - steak, twice baked potatoes, veggie
* Sunday: fend for yourself

Well it is planned - but doesn't sound too healthy... I will need to add more fruit and veg as we go along for the week.

What is on the menu for your family?

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