Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Booty Reader...

So I now understand the idea of marketing to kids...

Last night Abbie and I had a Mama and Me night - we went to Target - purchased a new Toy Story toothbrush... then headed over to Panera to pick up take out for dinner at home.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the shopping plaza, Abbie starts to yell - "It's the Booty Reader - Mama, there is the Booty Reader - are we going to the Booty Reader?" Now I knew instantly where she wanted to go ----- Old Navy.

If you don't understand why Old Navy is not the Booty Reader watch this...

Yes - from a thirty second commercial, my three year old daughter now calls Old Navy - the Booty Reader store. She insisted as we walked into Panera to get our sandwiches - she wanted to go to the Booty Reader - as we walked back to the car with our take out she asked to go to the Booty Reader. I had to drive by Old Navy windows to see if we could see The Booty Reader from the windows. Then finally to make the asking about the Booty Reader to stop - I promised that we would take her to Old Navy to see if the Booty Reader was in on Saturday.

Now I don't need to find any reason to go to Old Navy - it is one of my favorite stores - but to have my three year old request to go to Old Navy to see if the psychic who reads bums and tells you your perfect fit jeans - never crossed my mind before.

Then today on Facebook - Old Navy announces Abbie will be so excited about visiting the Booty Reader website. Can't wait to share it with her. And even more excited is the shopping we will be doing this weekend :)

What kind of silly stories about marketing to kids have you experienced?

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